Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hello Everyone
I am the Year 1G bear and am called Little Bear. I have been with the children throughout the year and have enjoyed watching all the adventures the children have had. I would like to share some of them on this blog.
I get a bit lonely at weekends, so Mrs Grant is packing me a suitcase, so I can come home with the children at weekends and in holidays.
To make it fair Mrs Grant has put all the children's names in a hat and she will pull out the name of a child each week to take me home. 
I am well house trained and don't really need looking after much. Just a bit of fun and adventure.
If you could write and add photos in my diary coming with me that would be great. We will share adventures every Monday. 
Mrs Grant says if you send her digital pictures, she will add them to the blog. Also feel free to comment on this blog and let Mrs Grant know if I have been a good bear.
Here I am watching the children do their work and checking they have all the number bonds correct.

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